Brother and Sisters of Los Angeles County Fire Department

We hope this letter finds you at peace and ready for the Holiday season.

You are already aware that our Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County has mandated that ALL county employees be vaccinated with the experimental  COVID-19 vaccines.  The only other options would be exemptions granted by Our California and United States Constitution.   Most other counties in California have not adopted this mandate.  It’s unfortunate that our leaders have put nearly 800 members of the Los Angeles County Fire Department in this dire circumstance.  While our elected officials phoned in their dictates in the comfort of their homes, scared of this COVID virus, we answered the call, we ALL were working and protecting our beloved communities, always ready to serve. Remember, our EMS Director, Dr. Kazan, indicated that members would DIE due to this virus.  (Talk about mental health.) Nonetheless, we still showed up!  We showed up due to our love for one another and our communities we serve.

Now nearly two years later, our family members are faced with termination if not complying to the overreaching county mandate.  This is not a political stance and never should have been.  Shame on those that made this pandemic political.

Over 800 brothers and sisters are in the fight for their careers.  If you believe in brother/sisterhood it’s time to act!  Our only hope to fight this unconstitutional mandate is to join hands in unity and fight this battle in court.

This is not a lawsuit of the “unvaccinated.”  We have many members of the cause that are vaccinated but will oppose the booster (which is looking obvious to be considered fully vaccinated), we have members that are vaccinated and will take any boosters recommended but believe in freedom of choice,  we have members that have joined our lawsuit that are vaccinated but worried about their children having to be vaxxed, and we have members who are part of this fight simply because they want to support their brothers and sisters on their free choices.  This is not political.  This is about our brother/sisterhood and having each other’s backs!  This is what we do!

Nearly 700 members of our brothers/sisters gave $500.00 to help the cause to fight for liberty and freedom with a lawsuit.  Will you join us and fight this unconstitutional mandate?

Deadline December 8th!

Click Here to join the Lawsuit or call 310-600-0044

In True Solidarity,

LA County Free


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