Meet Our Legal Team

Attorney Kevin McBride is representing over 500 LA City firefighters who already filed suit. He has added Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and John W. Howard to his team.

$500 Deposit to GET REPRESENTED


It was our hope that local 1014 would jump into action to protect our jobs. Instead, we have called a special meeting to attempt to get support. Instead of merely hoping to get legal help, over 300 individuals have already paid $500 to GET REPRESENTED. We believe local 1014 will augment this legal defense fund, but we cant wait while or LA City brothers and sisters have already jumped into action.

Therefore our present direction is: ANYONE WHO WANTS LEGAL DEFENSE MUST PAY $500 A DEPOSIT.

Any unspent funds will be refunded. The button below links to a special trust account for our legal representation. It is separate from LA City.

We have over 300 now. Join us.


FAQs from Attorney Kevin McBride

  1.   What is the strategy and game plan?

The strategy is to pursue litigation and negotiations at the same time.  We have strong legal claims under the California Constitution right to privacy. The County is required under case law interpreting the right to privacy to offer “reasonable accommodations” to account for your right to privacy.  This is the focus of our litigation—to require the County to negotiate with us over reasonable accommodations that do not require a Covid vaccine. 

  1.   Why should I join in, and what protections might I expect?

By joining the group, your Constitutional right to privacy will be protected.  This means the right to choose what goes into your own body, and the right to exercise informed consent regarding experimental medicines such as the Covid vaccines. 

By being part of the group, you will also be protected against retaliatory action.  The legal team will defend you if that becomes necessary, at no additional cost to you.

  1.   Is there urgency to deposit our money or can we wait? At what point is the cut off to join?

The importance of depositing money and joining right now is it sends an early, clear message to the County of the strength of this resistance action.  There is strength in numbers.  If only a handful of guys join now, and others wait to see what happens, that will dilute our strength.

There is no cut off date yet to join, and I’m not sure yet what that date will be.

  1.   Why are medical and religious exemptions NOT the way to go?

In my opinion, very few medical or religious exemptions will be granted. 

Religious Exemptions. Very few people belong to a religion whose members typically receive exemptions.  The only one I can think of is Christian Science.  So, if you are a Christian Scientist, you probably have a chance to receive an exemption.  Otherwise, I highly doubt your religious exemption will be granted. 

Medical Exemptions.  Employers and the courts have a great deal of experience with medical exemptions under the Americans With Disabilities Act.  First, you need to have a recognized medical condition that otherwise qualifies for a disability.  Second, the employer (County) has a great deal of leeway in how they deal with medical exemptions.  The likelihood is that you will be placed in an unfavorable assignment designed to make you so unhappy you quit.  Sorry to say, but this is a well-known tactic used by employers in every industry.  Medical exemptions almost always stop a career trajectory and place you in the category of a “problem employee.”  This isn’t desirable unless the medical condition is severe.

Additional Concerns. By requesting an exemption, you separate yourself from the group and allow the County to deal with you on an individual basis.  This will almost certainly work to your disadvantage, in my view, since they will be free to scrutinize your exemption request under any criteria they establish—and it almost certainly will include criteria to benefit the County’s needs, not yours.

  1.   Who’s your co-counsel? Why did you pick them? Who will you use as your medical expert witness? Why?

Co-Counsel. Co-counsel were all personally recommended by RFK, Jr.  He has a wide network of lawyers at his disposal.  As you may know, Mr. Kennedy is named as co-counsel on the pleadings.  John Howard’s firm in San Diego also came recommended by Mr. Kennedy and is on the pleadings.  Mr. Howard has particular expertise in constitutional law issues, so that’s greatly appreciated.  Other lawyers work behind the scenes. 

Experts.  We are currently working with 3 different experts to put together the evidence we need in this case.  The only person I can disclose at this point is Dr. Peter McCullough.  As other engagements with experts are finalized, we will let you know who they are.

  1.   We passed a motion for our local to pay 150k to our cause. Should we continue in that pursuit?

In my opinion, you should continue with that motion.  However, any money that the union donates needs to come with no strings attached, so we can clearly represent your interests, and your interests only.

  1.   What benefits would there be to align with LAFD?

An alignment with LAFD is already in the works and should be finalized within days.  The LAFD case is basically the same as your case—so they would be joined in the same action.  Firefighters4Freedom have already established an amazing communication and logistical network.  By being part of that effort, you will benefit from all they have done, and are doing. Also, everyone’s money will stretch farther if the groups are joined.  Finally: “strength in numbers.”  By joining City Fire and County Fire in the same Foundation, our numbers will undoubtedly exceed 1,000 members.  That is a very big voice of firefighters that will have impressive negotiating power over the Covid vaccine issue.

  1.   If there is more funding needed what will that process look like? Will the pay link auto deduct? 

There will be no more payments asked of you.  $500 is the one and only payment you will make.  There is no auto-deduct feature on the pay link.  If we need other money, it will be raised externally through donations.  But by joining City Fire and County Fire, we will have a substantial war chest.

  1.   When you reach out to our group at a juncture how do you recommend getting the consensus and/or determining direction from our members?

Over the next few days, my office will be sending out engagement letters to everyone who has paid.  That engagement letter authorizes Firefighers4Freedom Foundation to act as your agent in litigation and negotiations on this issue.  The Foundation will have its own ratification procedures for important decisions.

  1. Can Fire Department employees like our lifeguards, mechanics, etc. be part of this litigation even if not a local 1014 union member.

Yes–also civilians who work for County Fire.

  1. Will previously Covid vaccinated employees be able file for exemptions for medical or religious reasons if they have already taken the first round of vaccines? Do they need to join our lawsuit because their medical or religious objections were not declared when they took the first round of vaccinations?

Sorry, I don’t have any advice as to whether vaccinated employees can file for exemptions.  That’s just not an area I focus on, or encourage.  Anyone with County Fire can join the case, even if they have filed for exemptions, and even if the exemptions were denied.

  1. What If I’m already vaccinated but don’t want to take the booster, should I be a part of this litigation?

Absolutely!  Booster shots are just around the corner and will apparently continue every 6 months or so until one of two things happen: people rise up against mandatory vaccinations or too many adverse effects are manifest from repeated boosters.   Vaccinated employees who don’t want boosters should join this group.


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