9/21 Update

El Monte, Sept 21—Nearly 800 signatures were turned into Local 1014 headquarters calling for an emergency special meeting to deal with the impending vaccine mandate. Only 320 signatures were necessary. Solid.

We’re disappointed Local 1014 forced numerous persons to give up their day off to drive the entire county. Our Union should be leading, not making us collect signatures.


Your petitions being delivered to the front desk at 1014. Form 47 signed.

9/17 Update


DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION: If you get a request from the County to fill out a medical or religious exemption or submit your vaccine status, DO NOT SUBMIT. We cannot let our group be fractured. We must hold the line.

We had a record turnout at the Union Hall on Tuesday, 9/14! Both of our motions passed unanimously: Opposing Mandatory Vaccinations and Electronic Access to Union Meetings. We noted Union Directors are already attending meetings via phone and Zoom, and we call for the same privilege for members.

HOWEVER, Local 1014 has rolled logs into our path, calling for us to come back to “ratify” our motions at the next meeting. While this roadblock has been used previously to hamper motions made by members, ratification of motions is not found anywhere in the Constitution and By-Laws of Local 1014.

WE NEED TO MAKE ONE THING CLEAR: The membership of Local 1014 has the FIRST RIGHT to vote and control Local 1014. The Executive Board is the SECOND STRING. Please read on:

The Constitution and By-Laws of Local 1014 states:

“A Quorum shall consist of twenty-five (25) regular members exclusive of Officers and Executive Board Members. Action shall not be taken at any meeting unless a quorum is present. In the absence of a quorum, the Executive Board shall have the authority to conduct the affairs of the Local.” —Article IX, Section 3

ONLY if a quorum of 25 regular members is not present is the Executive Board allowed to make decisions.

Thus, the idea that the Executive Board can arbitrarily hamstring the quorum that appeared and voted Tuesday by imposing random and arbitrary requirements (i.e., “ratification” votes) is false and is not in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of Local 1014.

A quorum of regular members is the superior voting body and authority.

We won’t comment on why the Executive Board hired armed security when regular members showed in numbers, but we found it offensive.

Everyone is urged to print and sign the Petition (see below), calling an immediate special meeting. We can’t afford to sit on our hands at this time while the County is moving forward swiftly. Please do what you can to collect signatures and forward signed petitions to your Battalion Coordinators and/or a central location. We won’t be able to visit every station, so your motivation and assistance is needed.

Finally, LA City Firefighters4Freedom has finalized their legal team: OUR chosen attorney, Kevin McBride, has added Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and John W. Howard to assist our LA City Brothers and Sisters!

We want Kevin McBride in our court also!

Our motion passed at the 9/14 Union meeting sets forth money to retain Kevin McBride, but appears to be held up by the President and Executive Board (another reason for the Petition). Meanwhile, while Local 1014 is uncommitted, we are urging anyone wanting to protect themselves and their family to make a $500 deposit in Kevin McBride’s legal trust account set up specifically for us:

Don’t wait for the Union: Click here to make $500 Deposit to personally retain Kevin McBride. This link is setup specifically for LA County Fire employees. Hundreds of LA City firefighters have already retained McBride personally.

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Union Motion Passed on Sept 14th


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