Fulgent Registration Update

ATTENTION LACountyFree members. The LACountyFree Directors board has been having in-depth conversations regarding signing up with Fulgent Genetics, Exemptions, and what OUR message needs to be. We have not taken these issues lightly. Many of our LACountyFree membership have already received e-mails this past week with deadlines and threats of punative action. Firefighter ranks will be receiving their notices shortly. Local 1014’s position is based on “Vaccinate or Accommodate” We stand by our unions fight, but we all must be prepared to stand united should Big County decline their negotiations. We as LACountyFree directors want everyone to understand their options and create their own “Line in the Sand.”

The options being given to us by the LA County BOS are as follows; Choose to Register Vaccinated WITH a Digital Vaccine Card… Vaccinated WITH physical card… NOT vaccinated… or NOT vaccinated seeking exemption. There is one other option for those that feel these actions and testing are not enough. By ignoring these e-mails/letters completely. However, you must be prepared for discipline.

Fulgent has a questionable background, their company has been chosen by the BOS with zero input from any labor group. With that being said, both our Attorney Kevin Mcbride and Local 1014 have stated they believe it best to sign up and avoid discipline.

If you decide to sign up with Fulgent Genetics and you are NOT vaccinated. Local 1014 has advised, we DO NOT submit any exemptions OR past vaccinations until bargaining has finished, there will be additional time given to submit an exemption at a later date. For non-fire series personnel, your path to exemptions is a choice you may need to make sooner. Feel free to reach out to our director board or our attorney Kevin Mcbride with advice on your exemptions.

Our group cannot advise anyone to take discipline. We have directors that will be utilizing all the above recommendations. There are many factors in discipline that we cannot take into account until it is in writing. The ultimate goal of LACountyFree is to prevent the loss of jobs and mandatory vaccinations. OUR PRESSURE IS WORKING. Believe that our stance is making a difference. If you have any questions please bring them up on the LACountyFree Represented Telegram page. NO MATTER WHICH PATH YOU CHOOSE, LACOUNTYFREE STANDS WITH YOU. Our mission will not end with exemptions or testing. We want these mandates rescinded and abandoned.

-LA County Free