VAERS Reporting

LACoFD “VAERS” Covid-19 Vaccine Data

Firefighters for Freedom wants to help.

This report is for LACoFD members and family members who have received the Covid-19 vaccine and have adverse effects after receiving it, mild to extreme.

From talking to many members, it has come to our attention that our fire family is not receiving the help they need from the reactions. Unfortunately, the department is unaware of these issues. We are sending this voluntary report out in hopes to have members fill it out and please be as thorough as you can. We want to use this data to make the department aware of the number of members having reactions from the vaccine.

Some of the examples we are hearing are heart issue (heart attacks, A-fib or PVCs), blood clots, slurred speech, full-body muscle/joint pain, irregular menstrual cycles, miscarriages, anaphylactic shock, brain fog, shingles, loss of taste, and even death.

This information will be sent to the union and our lawyer if you agree to that in the questionnaire. We would like to use this data to get the fire family members the help they need by bringing awareness to the County. We would also like to use this data to stop the vaccine mandate for LACoFD. Please take the time and fill this out.

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